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Origin Promo Shot: David, Amy, Ben Evanescence Era

Ben met Amy Lee at a Junior High School Summer Camp where he heard her sing Meatloaf and play on the piano. They became friends and started writing songs soon after. Songs that came from these writing sessions include Understanding, My Immortal & Haunted, which were all written by Ben.

In the early years Amy and Ben referred to themselves as Stricken & Childish Intentions. Eventually these band names evolved into what we now know as Evanescence in 1998 with their first EP. In 1999, Evanescence released another EP, Sound Asleep.

In 2000, Evanescence recruited David Hodges as a keyboardist/backup vocalist. In November of 2000 the band released Origin.

In 2002, Evanescence was signed by Wind-Up Records. Soon after, Ben, Amy, and David moved to Los Angeles to record their mainstream debut Fallen.

John LeCompt joined Evanescence during the making of Fallen in 2002 and even had a part in writing the song Taking Over Me.

After the completion of Fallen in December 2002, David decided to leave Evanescence to pursue other interests.

The lead single from Fallen, Bring Me To Life, was included on the Daredevil Soundtrack and released to radio in December 2002. The song was a cross-genre hit, and by the time Fallen released on March 4, 2003, Evanescence was one of the hottest bands in the industry.

When Evanescence began touring, they turned to some old friends from Little Rock to fill out the spots in the band. Rocky Gray (who played in the band on the EP and Origin) joined as the drummer, and later Will Boyd (who also played on the EP and Origin) joined as the bassist.

Ev followed the commercial success of Bring Me To Life with their second single, Going Under. It did not do as well on the charts as BMTL, but it held its own on the alternative and rock charts. The third single from Fallen, My Immortal, was released to radio in October 2003 and was a cross-genre, chart-topping hit.

After touring virtually non-stop throughout 2003 to promote Fallen, Ben opted to leave the band and return home for personal reasons in October 2003 while overseas in Germany.

After Ben's departure, Cold guitarist Terry Balsamo was asked to fill in for Ben on a temporary basis. Early in 2004 Balsamo had the "temporary Evanescence guitarist" label removed and was added as a full-fledged member of the band.

While no longer touring members in the band, Ben and David joined Amy February 8th, 2004 at the 2004 Grammys where Evanescence won awards for Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance.

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