Going Live

One of the greatest things about music is the ability to hear the band play up close and personal. Evanescence is amazing live. If you haven’t had the chance, you really should. And while you wait for them to come to a venue near you, you can listen (or watch) Synthesis Live or Anywhere but Home. I’m sure there are bootlegs and other performances out there as well.

I’ve been to see them a few times and every time has been great. I can’t wait to see them again! They’re just so good onstage, no matter what the lineup has been. It has been fun to see them evolve as a group and hear how their sound has taken shape.

One of my favorite shows was from years ago – 2003 to be exact – in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a place I do not live. I had met a girl online through Evboard (a fan message board) and she lived there. She invited me to Summerfest so that we could see Evanescence together. She promised I could stay with her. A girl, days worth of concerts, and Evanescence? I could not find any sane reason to say no. I had a birthday coming up, so I asked for the ticket for my birthday and some gas money, and off I went. I have no idea how my parents let a 17-year-old drive two states away to stay with a girl he’d never met in person. Thank god they’re cool and don’t ask too many questions.

The day of the concert started out ok but before Evanescence took the stage, it started to rain. We spent a few hours getting alternately soaked and being hot and sweaty thanks to the humidity. The girl I was with was super cool, though, so I did not entirely mind the rain. The band came on, opening with “Going Under” – which I always thought was a perfect way to open a show. Amy Lee was wearing a cool skirt that looked like it was made out of a bunch of Steven Tyler’s scarves. Sorry, I have a little crush on her (at the time, it was a lot bigger), so I still remember the skirt.

But back to the show. Amy Lee and Ben Moody, because Moody was still with the band at that point, were dumping water onto the crowd because it was so gross out. They ran through most of the songs on Fallen. The crowd got more and more pumped despite the weather (July in Wisconsin, who knew).

My favorite part of the show was “My Immortal”. It was just totally amazing. It was like watching lightning strike right in front of you. Everyone was charged up, completely on fire. The crowd was screaming in excitement. Everyone was totally out of their minds. I still remember how awestruck I was. You knew you were seeing something really special. Words cannot do it justice, except to say: you had to be there. You should have been there.