So here I am to give them their due such as they are. I am fine with Christians—and everyone else—liking them. I know they have undergone many changes in members and output, but the music is there with a few stylistic changes. So be it. I have been with them every step of the way. In fact, I love to wake up their sounds every morning as motivation to have a productive day. As I get ready for work, their lyrics and rhythms speak to me, and it is hard to leave the house and stop my singalong fest.

Like most people, I take long showers and have been known to pipe in Evanescence to enhance the hot water experience. I don’t have to worry about the water running out, cutting my concert short, since I own a tankless hot water heater. What a great investment. It now affords me hours of enjoyment that I can look forward to every morning. Let me tell you: get one of these modern technological devices if you want to save energy while enjoying an hour-long session under the swivel spray head.

When a certain kind of music becomes your motivation in life, you are a lucky soul indeed. You can listen to it everywhere you like at any time of day or night, thanks to all the devices now available that enrich your existence. In the case of Evanescence, there are numerous albums ranging from the independent albums in the mid-nineties to the full-scale studio releases to date. This illustrious group has had Grammy nominations and millions in sales. Clearly, I am not the only devoted follower. With every new lineup, the group has produced quality albums of widespread appeal. It is not surprising that they have had songs for months on the Billboard Top Ten list.

In spite of a hiatus, Evanescence came back to life in 2010 better than ever. If you like the new sound, I suggest you go back to the beginning and catch up with their rich history. This is the best way to understand the group and how the present material has come about. While the recent stuff is among their best, there is a lot to appreciate in the older songs. They have just completed their Synthesis Tour in 2018 and there is a lot more to come.