Favorite Songs

It’s hard to pick only a few favorite songs but I’ll try for this post – I have to say it feels a little like being a kid in a toy store and being told that I can have any toy I want, but it has to be just one. I don’t really want to […]


So here I am to give them their due such as they are. I am fine with Christians—and everyone else—liking them. I know they have undergone many changes in members and output, but the music is there with a few stylistic changes. So be it. I have been with them every step of the way. […]

Find Out More

My blog is a good source of personal opinion on Evanescence. I really hope you like it. But this post is not about that; this post is about other things on the internet. I know there are other sites around the interwebs that have information about the band. Some of them are even helpful! I’ll […]

Going Live

One of the greatest things about music is the ability to hear the band play up close and personal. Evanescence is amazing live. If you haven’t had the chance, you really should. And while you wait for them to come to a venue near you, you can listen (or watch) Synthesis Live or Anywhere but Home. […]

What Else Have They Done?

Evanescence has very talented members – and it did in the past as well. When they aren’t touring or putting out albums, you can get your fix through other their other projects. If you liked a particular ex-band member, they might still be around as well. This post is designed to let you know where […]

History of Evanescence

Every longtime fan knows the history of their favorite bands. But, if you’re just getting into a group, you might need some information. This post is for those people. If you already know all of this information, feel free to skip it. If you have info you’d like to add, let me know in the […]